Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I am embarking on the overwhelming task of spring cleaning. Getting rid of the old(clothes that I wear once every 2 years), and making new space. Overall, it's a good look.

Things have been great in Westview and sassy 511 W Ontario. There are some updates from the last stages of fence removal, other fun stuff, and the recent adventures with neighbors down the road.

Until I get my pictures uploaded, I wanted to(especially in the spirit of reflection) to share my year in review. I know its March and this was done in January , but life just got in the way.
2007 was such a tremendous year. I grew in many unique ways. Amazingly, I became a home owner a feat that I think of as powerful for a young, Black woman. But with that power is the constant dialogue about "owning" property and what that all means.
Nevertheless, I am super stoked about the abundance of 2007 and what 2008 is turning out to be!

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